Cake Decorating Tips

In order to decorate a cake like a professional you must have the proper cake decorating tips and supplies to make your cake look professional. Cake decorating TIPS will help you create that look you are trying to achieve.

If you are new to cake decorating than you will want to get a tool caddy or a tupperware box to keep all your tips in one place, you can even save a little money and get a fishing toolbox. Fishing toolboxes work well because they have lots of storage and little drawers for all of your tips.

Once you have your caddy ready to go, I suggest you start with these TIPS.

Star tips, #16, #18, #21

Basket weave tip, #48

Leaf tips, #67, #352

Petal tips, such as #104(rose tip) Grass or hair tip #233

Round trip #3, #12

Drop flower tip 2D

And do not forget about a flower nail, they come in different sizes I recommend the bigger one #14, just because it gives you more room to work.

Below I have a tip guide that you can print out and keep at hand to help you when deciding which TIP you should use for your cake project.

Some of the most common TIPS that are used are.

Leaf tips have a v-shaped opening most commonly used are #65, #67, and #352.

Rose tips have slanted openings to create a rose or petals. Commonly used are #101, #102, #104, #124, and 127. My favorite is the #104.

Round tips such as the #1, or #12 are used for lettering, or outlines.

And the star tips are shaped they can be used to create borders, rosettes and much more.

Common star tips are #14, #16, #18, #32, and #199. Of course the more experienced you get the more tips you will discover. Do not get overwhelmed with all this information at once If you get the common essential TIPS I suggested you could decorate a beautiful cake and not get overwhelmed. Start with the basics and you will be happy with the results.

You can buy these tips usually in a kit at your local craft store, such as Joanne or Michael's craft store.

Cake decorating tips and supplies kit