Essential Cake Decorating Tools

So you want to try your hand at cake decorate, or bake the perfect cake? Well to achieve a perfect cake you must have the correct equipment.

Some of the most common cake decorating supplies you probably have in your kitchen like a mixer, oven, apron, measuring spoons and bowls.

These common cake decorating tools will not only make your life a lot easier, but they will also give your cake that look that only decorator can achieve.


These are the basic items you must have in order to begin cake decorating.

-Cake Decorating Couplers-Is what holds the decorating bag and tip together.

-Cake box-Box to transport your cake or cover in the fridge.

-Cake Decorating Turn Table-Helps when you are trying to ice and level a cake.

-Cake Decorating tips-Must have tips, and the most commonly used.

Want to know which tip to use for your project? Click here and learn all about tips, and get a printable tip guide.

-Cake Board-Board to put your cake one.

-Portable caddy-To carry and keeps all your supplies together in one place.

-Pastry Bags-Two types to choose from. Which pastry bag should you use? Click here and I will discuss the 3 common types.

-Metal Spatula-For icing, smoothing the cake.

-Icing colors-Color your icing.

-Icing flavors-Flavors for your butter cream icing.

Which spatula should you use? Which colors and icing flavors work best?

Click here to learn all about colors and icing flavors.

Additional items needed for cake decorating or cake baking. Some of these items you might have in right in your kitchen

-Mixer-My favorite is the Kitchen aid industrial mixer. Using a mixer with an attached bowl will make your job a lot easier and it will handle making large batches of frosting better.

-Measuring spoons-Measuring dry and liquid ingredients.

-Measuring cups-Measuring liquid ingredients.

-Metal Spatula-For icing, smoothing the cake.

-Cake pans-This is shape your cake.

Confused by the many cake pans on the market? Click here to learn which cake pans will work best for your cake, -Rubber Spatula- Makes a good scraping tool and aids in filling bowls and mixing icing.

-Apron-Cake decorating can get messy.

-Serrated-Edge Knife/cake leveler-for leveling cakes.