Essential Cake Decorating Pans

When baking a cake pans are a necessity. Investing in good quality pans will be worth the money and give you better results.

Quality cake pans will produce cake layers that are higher and more level, and this will give your cake a more of a professional look.

Heavy aluminum is best to use becasue it can handle high oven temperature and will not rust.

**Never use baking pans that are warped or pitted, because they will produce bad cakes. Pans come in all different shapes and sizes, square, round, and rectangular.

Rectangular pans

Produce the most common cake shapes, like quarter-sheet, half-sheet and sheet cakes. A quarter sheet cakes is roughly 9'x 13", a half-sheet is roughly 12'X 18" and a full sheet is roughly 18'x 24", but remembers pans differ in size according to the manufacturer.

Round and oval

I would invest in two 8 inch or 9 inch rounds sometimes you might need bigger pan, but you can make due with a 9 inch. I also like to have a 6-inch pan and a 10-inch pan, in case I want to make a tiered cake. You can use the 6 inch for the top tier and the 10 inch would work well as the base.

***As for depth, I would say get a round 9-inch pan that is 3 inches high. This will give you a taller cake.


You can start by getting 2 cupcake tins that way you can finish all of your cupcakes at once, this will be a huge time saver. And I always use cupcake liners just makes clean up easier.

Specialty shapes

Specialty pans are not need for general cake decorating, but if you have an idea of something, you would like to make with a specialty cake pan go ahead and use one.

I generally do not like to use them because I find that the cakes do not always turn out like the pictures on the pan package. So make sure that you do a trail run if you use a specialty pan so that way you know beforehand how the cake will look.


When you are done baking and cooling your cake, make sure that you put the cake on a cake board. Cake boards come in all different sizes and shapes.

Also, you can always cut them to fit the size you need if you can't find the size you want.

You can find cake boards at Micheal's craft store.

Pans you need to get started:

Rectangle 9x13 inch and a 12x18 inch.

Round two 9 inch rounds, 6 inch round, and a 10 inch round.

Two cupcake tins that yield 12 cupcakes each.