Cake Preparation Techniques

The time has come you have decided to make a decorated cake and show it to your friends and family.

Cake preparation techniques, icing, filling, and spliting a cake for decorating sounds like a lot but, I will give you step by step instruction on cake preparation so that you will have the results you want, so don't even think about stopping by a bakery and buying a cake if you get overwhelmed.

Maybe you are having some doubts? Maybe you don't think thta you are experienced enough in cake decorating to produce a cake that you will be proud of, well think again.

Just take a breath and do the best you can and you cake will look fabulous. Learn in 5 simple step how you can get your cake ready for decorating... Click here to see video and get a step by step guide

Cake decorating is a process, from baking, frosting, and finally decorating. All of the process must be done correctly in order for you cake to be the best tasting and best decorated. Cake decorating like many things requires a lot of practice so if you are new to cake decorating please do not get overwhelmed, keep at it.

As a cake decorator, I spend most of my time decorating cakes and not baking cakes from scratch. Baking is a science and I really would rather work on acquiring better decorating skills rather than spending my time baking cake from scratch. Now if you are a baker and have "true and tried" recipes for cakes that you would like to use than go ahead and bake your cake from scratch. Of course every now and than I do bake a cakes from scratch but for the most part I like to keep it simple.

I like to use boxed cake mix for my cakes, and I only use Betty Crocker brand, I find all other brands are too moist and will not make good study cakes, remember you will be trimming and stacking cakes that you use for decorating so you want to make sure you have a nice sturdy cake.

Cake preparation

So let's talk about cake preparation and keep it simple, three steps to preparing a cake are baking, leveling, splitting, filling and, and crumb icing.

The preparation stage is a very important stage in cake decorating, because the cake surface is your canvas, and you must try your best to make a cake with no cracks, crumbs and a cake that is ideal for frosting.

Click here to learn the five step process of preparing your cake for decorating