Fondant is a type of icing comprised of confectioners' sugar and gelatin and sometimes other ingridants such as marshmallow. Fondant is a lot like clay you can roll it out, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, make bows and ribbons or make figurines to put on your cake. Fondant adds a nice professional look to your cake and seals in the freshness of the cake. It is the main type of icing used in wedding cakes, and it is also used for make trims, and makes figurines. Fondant will make any simple cake look great! And it can be colored any color of the rainbow, another positive is that it holds up very well in heat and in humid conditions too.

Buying fondant

Fondant can be bought premade at any cake decorating store or at Michaels's craft store.

Satin Ice is my favorite type of pre-packed fondant if find it very easy to work with and great tasting, and when you put it on a cake it stay fresh for days. I am lucky to have a cake decorating store in my neighborhood where I can find and buy Satin Ice, but if you don't you can always buy it online. Click here to order Satin Ice

Wilton also makes fondant which in my opinion is not the best tasting or easiest to work with.

Want to make your own fondant?

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

Rolled fondant Recipe

Placing Fondant on a cake

Everyone has a specific way in which they cover a cake in fondant. Once you cover your first couple cakes you too will see what works best for you. Placing fondant on a cake step by step

Watch a video on how to place fondant on a cake

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