Types of icing colors and Icing flavors

When it comes to decorating the perfect cake you will need to learn how to color your icing with food coloring or icing coloring.

Before I go into explaining the types of icing colors available, I just want to say that you should NEVER use liquid food coloring, because this will thin out your icing and make it very hard for you to decorate. Icing colors is available in four forms, gel, liquid, paste and powder, gel is the most common used

Witlon make gel colors that are concentrated these are easy to use and come in virtually any color you want.

Ameri Color makes a great gel color I personally think it is better quality than all the others I have used and is very easy to use because of how it is packaged. These are available at any craft store or cake decorating shop, or online.

Another way you can spice up your cake is to use different types of liquid flavorings to enhance the taste of your cake, or icing. You can flavor the just the icing or just the cake, or both.

I personally do not use these very much but some of my cake decorating friends love to use them and would never go without

Wilton makes some great flavors like vanilla, almond and butter you can use these to flavors to flavors cookies, gum paste and fondant.