Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

Wedding cakes are a great way to get your cake decorating business started. As a cake decorator, I think that making a wedding cake is one of the most challenging projects you can take on.

And if you are a bride and thinking about making your own wedding cake, well that will make the occasion much more special.

When you think about wedding cakes, most of them are simple and can be made very pretty with just simple touches. Whipped cream, roses, fresh fruits, and simple designs.

Or they can be extravagant, lot of tiers, lots of butter cream, and other techniques. Really whatever the bride and groom have in mind.

So whether you are a cake decorator or a bride looking to make your cake or just looking for some great cake ideas you will find them here.

Two very important things to remember when making a wedding cake:

1.Take into consideration where the reception will talk place. Last thing you want is a cake that melts in the heat if the reception is held during the summer and is outdoors.

2.The second most important thing is to know how many people you are serving and to order or make the proper amount of cake so that no guest goes hungry.

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